Antique Furniture Reupholstery | Antique Furniture Restoration


The traditional crafts with which all antique furniture was made are still very much alive in the world of expert furniture reupholstery and restoration making breathing new life into your precious heirlooms very easy and extremely cost effective.

This traditional craft is generally passed down through family members over long periods of time resulting in skills that are honed and perfected on an ongoing basis and which are able to perfectly adapt to modern day materials, tastes and design requirements.

High quality antique chairs and sofas may look a little shabby or worn and very often this adds to the overall charm of the piece however if the items are damaged they may only need reupholstering to bring them back to their former glory. It is worth remembering that high quality furniture reupholstery will last as long as the original material and the skills of the craftsmen include frame and structural repairs that will very often provide a finished product that is stronger than the original workmanship.You will not find a reupholstery expert that does not thoroughly love their job as this very demanding profession requires real skill, passion and patience to produce the necessary quality of finish that the client requires and that the company demand. At Moores Reupholstery we firmly believe that if your heart is not in it then you should get out of the game. All of our staff are extremely passionate about their work, if they were not they would not be working for us.

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