Experimenting with Furniture Re-Upholstery and Placement

Living Room Furniture

When considering reupholstering your existing furniture you are obviously planning to prolong the life of the item/s, compliment any re-decorating and new room design but have you considered placement?

It is very easy to, for want of a better analogy, get stuck in a rut with regards to the positioning of your furniture with regards to the overall look and feel of your home. Change is good for the soul and can very often lead to a more interesting and comfortable home.

Furniture Layout and Balance

The overall feel of a room can be greatly affected by the placement of furniture and the general design of the space in which you live. Professional interior design experts will transform your living space in ways that only they can imagine and provide for you.

When considering the overall look and feel of your home there are many things to think about and even more ways of properly completing these tasks to suit your taste and lifestyle. Below we have listed some of the basic points to take into account when arranging your furniture in any room:

Balance – When positioning the furniture in your room the “balance” will be affected by size and placement. Getting this right will provide a more even flow through the room and avoid cluttering to create an even feel to the area.

Doorways – Taking the position of doorways into account and situating the furniture accordingly will greatly improve the functionality of the room. For example, if there are two doorways into the same room placing furniture in a position where traffic can move behind, instead of in front, of the seating area is greatly beneficial.

Sofa Placement – Placing your sofa against the longest wall in the room seems like the obvious choice but many people have other ideas. While furniture placement is a personal choice this is the simplest and easiest way of opening out a room and creating the maximum amount of space possible for the whole area.

Our experienced design consultants will help you to maximise the furniture and space in any of your rooms to achieve the perfect balance for your individual lifestyle requirements and personal preferences.

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