The ART of the Furniture Upholsterers.


Putting wallpaper on a wall is relatively easy; doing it properly is a lot harder. Filling a hole in a wall is, again, relatively simple – plastering a wall is a darn sight harder and takes a skilled craftsman to do the job properly. The art of the plasterer is acquired over many years until finally they make it look almost effortless; furniture upholstery, although it will never look effortless, is the same – an ART.

Many people think that having furniture re-upholstered is all about saving money, although true to an extent this is really not the only reason to consider it. Re-upholstering furniture  will not only revive your existing furniture to your specific, individual taste and style, but will also restore furniture passed down through generations and if necessary it will receive high quality repairs/restoration using modern day techniques that were not available at the time of manufacture.

Whether you are revitalising older furniture or having a completely new suite made for your home a bespoke, quality furniture upholsterer will design, style and create a suite that is not only to your individual taste but also, through years of experience and customer feedback, produce a finished product that is ideal for YOUR home, family, lifestyle and even its proposed position in the room with regards to direct sunlight.

All of these steps and many more are perfected over many years and sometimes, in the case of Moores Re-upholstery, Generations. The unique knowledge and experience that Moores can offer will ensure that whether you are restoring the old or designing the new you will receive an extremely high quality product that will last both you and your family for many years to come.

If you are thinking of purchasing bespoke furniture or investing in a professional re-upholstery service contact us at Moores Re-Upholstery.