Buy new or Reupholster?


Many people do not realise that creating just one piece of furniture actually produces over 1000x carbon dioxide; the carbon footprint created by Reupholstery is considerably lower.

In the eco-friendly conscious world in which we live an ever increasing number of people are looking for ways to cut their waste and do less harm to the planet in general by focussing on reducing, reusing and recycling.

This, combined with the global economic crisis which has forced people to look for cheaper alternatives in their daily lives, is why many are turning to a professional Reupholstery service when thinking about changing their furniture in the home.

By using a professional Reupholstery service to revitalize your existing furniture you will not only save money compared to buying new items and contribute to saving the worlds resources but you will find that you have many more (almost limitless) choices when it comes to the style of you furniture and the fabrics used to Reupholster it.

An experienced Reupholstery and design professional can quite literally turn your old shabby furniture into a brand new showroom quality item that perfectly suits your taste and perfectly matches your existing home décor.

If you are considering Reupholstering your old furniture or require any of our other expert services contact us.