Living Room Furniture When considering reupholstering your existing furniture you are obviously planning to prolong the life of the item/s, compliment any re-decorating and new room design but have you considered placement? It is very easy to, for want of a better analogy, get stuck in a rut with regards to the positioning of your… read more

We have all, at some point, thought about exactly how we would make use of a time machine given the “highly unlikely” chance; the possibilities are endless – Lottery numbers, undoing mistakes that we have made in the past or actually doing things that we really should have done. These possibilities are the things that… read more

Putting wallpaper on a wall is relatively easy; doing it properly is a lot harder. Filling a hole in a wall is, again, relatively simple – plastering a wall is a darn sight harder and takes a skilled craftsman to do the job properly. The art of the plasterer is acquired over many years until… read more

High quality chair Reupholstery is an excellent way of reinventing your existing furniture and a beautiful addition to any home but have you ever considered what an honest furniture upholstery provider may find buried down the back of your items and return to you? We have all heard stories about people finding lost items buried… read more

When purchasing furniture for your home it should be treated as a long-term investment. Although fashion changes regularly you should aim to choose a style that will still look good in 10/15 years time. Not only is this important with the current economic climate meaning you perhaps can’t purchase new furnishings as often as you… read more

Every household has a piece of furniture that may have seen better days and needs to be replaced. There may also come a time when you plan on decorating your home or just a particular room in your house and the thought crosses your mind that your existing furniture has to go. However purchasing all… read more

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the biggest components of ensuring your new interior is stylish and welcoming is the furniture. Your furniture says a lot about you and the home you live it. Your living room is the place you relax in whilst at home and the place you use to… read more

When it comes to decorating the home and changing furniture, more and more homeowners are beginning to look at the option of reupholstering existing pieces of furniture rather than buying new sofa and chairs. One reason for this trend could be the fact that many homeowners are still looking for ways to save money with… read more

When it comes to redecorating and home improvement the immediate reaction of so many people is to head out and begin looking for all new furnishings and fixtures to adorn their house with. However furniture upholstery is now becoming more popular with home owners who are not only looking to save money but also don’t… read more

Chair upholstery is the art of providing chairs with springs, webbing, padding and a covering of fabric or leather. The word upholstery in the English language originates anywhere between the 11th and 15th century and takes its origins from the word upholder. During the 18th century upholsterers would have plied their trade building each layer… read more

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