Furniture Re-Upholstery – How can it benefit you?


No matter how high the quality of materials used or the workmanship involved was when producing your existing furniture, over time it will inevitably become accidentally damaged and or stained. Replacing these items can prove to be an expensive business, especially if you have had the furniture upholstery tailor made to fit your living space and unique styling requirements.

If one piece of furniture gets damaged you can find yourself in the position where you need to replace the whole suite to make it match, a very popular and cheaper alternative to replacing a piece of furniture is furniture re-upholstery. This process can be applied to a large number of different types of furniture to reproduce existing styles to match your home or to generate a completely new look to your living space and a welcome, perhaps overdue,  revitalisation of your existing furniture.

Due to the busy work, social and home lives that we all have to deal with there are quite often simple little things that get left or put on the back burner for another day; we have all, at one time or another, been in the position where, due to no real fault of our own, that day just never seems to come. One very good comparison for this is painting when it comes to DIY household chores. If you had a look at a high quality photograph that you took of your home’s interior just after it had been re-decorated and compared it to the way the same interior looked a few years later you would quite possibly see a marked difference in the vibrancy of the colours; the same sometimes applies to your furniture.

A small nick here, a little stain or burn there and even a relatively large tear are sometimes very easy to cover up or at least live with but, over time, you find to your astonishment that you are faced with a piece of furniture that is structurally sound but looks terrible. This situation is especially relevant when it comes to purpose built, bespoke furniture or family heirlooms where high quality furniture, especially wood, is concerned. You have owned them for years and for sentimental or practicality reasons you really do not want to part with them but would like them to look and feel nice for your family and friends to enjoy.

By tackling these problems with the expert help of a trusted, professional furniture re-upholsterers services you will gain the following benefits for your furniture and your home…

  • The restoration of existing furniture to its former glory.
  • The addition to your home of high quality, durable fabrics/materials to enhance the look and feel of your living space.
  • Cost saving gained from not having to actually replace your much loved furniture for new.
  • A wide range of choices of colours and styles of materials that can be individually designed to suit your unique specifications and tastes.

If you are considering the option of having your existing furniture re-upholstered or require any of our other expert Furniture Upholstery services contact us.