Furniture Reupholstery a Growing Trend in 2012


When it comes to decorating the home and changing furniture, more and more homeowners are beginning to look at the option of reupholstering existing pieces of furniture rather than buying new sofa and chairs. One reason for this trend could be the fact that many homeowners are still looking for ways to save money with the current economic climate; however another reason for the increase could be the opportunities that are available when you contact furniture upholsterers.

This growing trend presents homeowners who may own furniture that has been in their family for generations to renovate, rather than replace existing furniture. This isn’t the only pro to furniture reupholstery; upholstery also allows shoppers to fully customise their furniture. Whereas purchasing a completely new sofa or chair from the high street would mean choosing from a selection of that season’s style, by choosing reupholstery, you can decide on the exact colour, fabric and style of your furniture, this is perfect if you want your furniture to perfect match your own style and the design of the room the furniture will sit in.

If you own furniture that you would rather revitalise than replace, contact Moore & Sons for more information on furniture reupholstery today.