Furniture Upholstery Making Old Furniture New


When it comes to decorating your home, one of the biggest components of ensuring your new interior is stylish and welcoming is the furniture. Your furniture says a lot about you and the home you live it. Your living room is the place you relax in whilst at home and the place you use to host guests. Because of this it is important that your furniture is in the best possible condition, this can sometimes be hard to up keep if your furniture is antique or has been in the family home for many years but there is an alternative if you don’t want to replace your existing furniture.

You should not simply replace the old furniture. Furniture upholstery, although not as popular as it once was is still a specialist art and companies such as Moores & Sons still have a passion for restoring old furniture to new. Moores & Sons have over 60 years experience in furniture upholstery and not only can they help restore your old furniture to its former vibrant self but they can tailor the upholstery to your desires, adding comfort and changing the material and colours used.

If you have an old piece of furniture and are interested in furniture upholstery visit Moores & Sons for more information.