Pleasant Armchair Story


High quality chair Reupholstery is an excellent way of reinventing your existing furniture and a beautiful addition to any home but have you ever considered what an honest furniture upholstery provider may find buried down the back of your items and return to you?

We have all heard stories about people finding lost items buried in the depths of their soft furnishings, it has probably happened to you more than once, but just imagine finding a two hundred year old love letter…
One such letter was found in an antique chair that was obtained in a house clearance in France and subsequently forwarded on to a furniture upholstery expert for renovation works. The UK based chair Reupholstery expert found the letter, folded neatly into the size of a penny, while working on the arm of the chair and was amazed to discover that the content was a pencil written note in the old French language that experts have determined to be at least 200 years old.
The owner of the chair said that she acquired it from a house clearance in France and that the previous owners had been a family that had lived there for over 150 years.  It is believed that the note was written by a young French woman residing in the town of Mercorol in the Alps, to her male sweetheart residing at the previously mentioned house clearance address.
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