The Origins and Future of Chair Upholstery


Chair upholstery is the art of providing chairs with springs, webbing, padding and a covering of fabric or leather. The word upholstery in the English language originates anywhere between the 11th and 15th century and takes its origins from the word upholder. During the 18th century upholsterers would have plied their trade building each layer of a fine chair by hand using traditional materials to produce some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture ever produced.

Today re-upholstery has become the modern day upholstery, with upholsterers now using their skills to repair and renovate chairs rather than creating pieces of furniture from scratch. This craftsmanship can help restore a tired antique chair into the vibrant centre piece of beauty it once was. Modern chair upholstery allows the owner to choose a patterned fabric of their choice, whilst also tailoring the chair to their own taste or home with a bespoke frame; ensuring exquisite antique chairs receive the care they deserve.

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