Why settle for “off of the shelf” Furniture Upholstery?


Although modern bespoke furniture upholsterers supply only the best quality products which are designed and made to the highest possible standards this unfortunately cannot be said for standard “off of the shelf” suppliers. There are many different types and styles of furniture to choose from currently on the market but if you want something unique that perfectly matches your lifestyle, interior design and taste the only way to go is bespoke.

The upholstery of your furniture is equally as important as the general construction but it has to be said that the exterior upholstery does take the brunt of the general wear and tear throughout the furniture’s life. A bespoke furniture upholsterer will be able to expertly provide both you and your family with a finished product that not only looks and feels great but will also last far longer than the “off of the shelf” options due to the expertise that we possess and the effort that we put in.

Many people do not take the quality of the upholstery into account when purchasing new furniture and simply choose what they think will look nice in their home. While the style of the furniture is obviously very important for your home, for longevity it is vital that the material / fabric and the craftsmanship of the furniture upholstery fitting are also of a very high standard, especially when re-upholstering existing furniture.

If you are considering purchasing high quality new handmade furniture or wish to expertly re-upholster your existing items contact us.