Reupholster your furniture, your way Creating the perfect piece of furniture has never been easier than with our bespoke reupholstery and design service that fully takes into account your every requirement from start to finish. We can transform your existing furniture into a showroom quality finished product that will breathe new life into any room… read more

It’s a common misconception that Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery is an option for the wealthy that is limited to expensive or antique furniture that has been passed down through generations. This really could not be further from the truth. Although this may have been true many years ago the reality of Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery… read more

It would seem that the question “What is high end Furniture Re-upholstery?” answers itself by the definition “High end” but it really is not quite that simple. Many people believe that the more money they spend the better the quality of service and product they receive but eventually all of our negative experiences in life… read more

Recent industry surveys and footfall figures have clearly shown that the average UK consumer now has a much higher expectation of Furniture Upholsterers when using their specialist services. There are many reasons why low end tradesmen are being overlooked in favour of high quality Furniture Upholsterers like Moores Re-Upholstery; value for money is at the… read more

Many people do not realise that creating just one piece of furniture actually produces over 1000x carbon dioxide; the carbon footprint created by Reupholstery is considerably lower. In the eco-friendly conscious world in which we live an ever increasing number of people are looking for ways to cut their waste and do less harm to… read more

Everyone wants to save money and they also desire a nice looking home with their own styling and choices of furniture but is the finished product unique? One of the very best ways to truly personalize your home and give it that unique look and feel is to professionally Reupholster your existing furniture to create… read more

Although modern bespoke furniture upholsterers supply only the best quality products which are designed and made to the highest possible standards this unfortunately cannot be said for standard “off of the shelf” suppliers. There are many different types and styles of furniture to choose from currently on the market but if you want something unique… read more

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at complete interior design and found your room decorating choices guided by what colours and styles will match the beloved existing furniture that you don`t want to replace? If you have answered “Yes” to that question then don`t worry, you are one of many people that find… read more

No matter how high the quality of materials used or the workmanship involved was when producing your existing furniture, over time it will inevitably become accidentally damaged and or stained. Replacing these items can prove to be an expensive business, especially if you have had the furniture upholstery tailor made to fit your living space… read more

We have all, at some point, thought about exactly how we would make use of a time machine given the “highly unlikely” chance; the possibilities are endless – Lottery numbers, undoing mistakes that we have made in the past or actually doing things that we really should have done. These possibilities are the things that… read more

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