The traditional crafts with which all antique furniture was made are still very much alive in the world of expert furniture reupholstery and restoration making breathing new life into your precious heirlooms very easy and extremely cost effective. This traditional craft is generally passed down through family members over long periods of time resulting in… read more

To a professional chair reupholstery expert throwing away a perfectly good chair just because it has become old and dated is, quite literally, an unforgivable crime and a complete waste of money. Many people already own the best quality furniture, with regards to construction, that they will ever own. This fact means that many people… read more

One of the biggest annoyances for a high quality Furniture Reupholstery expert is the fact that everything seems to be a throw away item these days with surprisingly little or no regard for the cost efficiency and ecological damage of this wastefulness. The relatively low cost of imported inferior quality goods has made people less… read more

As with any service Sofa Reupholstery has many different levels at which it can be produced or provided. These different levels range from low quality (just make do) services to the high end Sofa Reupholstery that Moores Reupholstery provide which has to meet very exacting bespoke standards for discerning clients wishing to revitalise their existing… read more

We have all seen the beautiful furniture on show in some of the grandest homes and estates in the country when watching various TV programmes like Downton Abbey and wondered what it would be like to own furniture that looks like these pieces. The fact is that many people could already own old or antique… read more

Unfortunately for many people the future is most definitely not certain from an employment and therefore a financial perspective. This problem is being experienced by people from all walks of life across the globe making cheaper alternatives to every aspect of life very attractive indeed; Sofa Upholstery is no different in this respect. Many people… read more

It’s a common misconception that Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery is an option for the wealthy that is limited to expensive or antique furniture that has been passed down through generations. This really could not be further from the truth. Although this may have been true many years ago the reality of Furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery… read more

There are many benefits of expert Furniture Reupholstery for you, your family and your home. One of the most popular benefits attracting people to this art form is the fact that it offers amazing cost efficiency when compared to purchasing new furniture for your home. Furniture Reupholstery offers the client the ability to dramatically extend… read more

It would seem that the question “What is high end Furniture Re-upholstery?” answers itself by the definition “High end” but it really is not quite that simple. Many people believe that the more money they spend the better the quality of service and product they receive but eventually all of our negative experiences in life… read more

Everyone wants to save money and they also desire a nice looking home with their own styling and choices of furniture but is the finished product unique? One of the very best ways to truly personalize your home and give it that unique look and feel is to professionally Reupholster your existing furniture to create… read more

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